A Comprehensive List of 8 Best Email Marketing Services

A Comprehensive List of 8 Best Email Marketing Services

Email marketing has time and again proved to be one of the critical parts of marketing strategies. There is no other channel that builds strong customer relationships than email marketing. If you know how to use this service then it can be really fruitful for your business. In fact, these services are there to make your task easy. There are various features and capabilities that enhance email communications and come with the best email marketing services.

The problem lies in finding the right one. You need to manage your subscribers, content, and a hell lot of things. And yes, all email marketing services are not the same. The services, features, interface, and a lot more are different. Let’s go through the list and you will understand everything.

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8 Best Email Marketing Services 2020


#1: Constant Contact

If you are running a small business then Constant Contact is probably one of the best options for you. The email marketing service has grown and become one of the largest email marketing services. With continuous efforts to advance its services and grow to a new space, it is obvious for a company to grow. Initially, you can opt for a 60-day free trial and analyze its effect on your business.

Creating new email campaigns is way easier then you thought. There are more than 100 templates that you can customize and send your customers. We love that its innovative tools even allow you to create coupons that you can share on social media for maximum benefits.


#2: Omnisend

With Omnisend, you can give customers a unified experience. Reach your customer by using email, push notifications, SMS messages, or more. All these services you can use with this single platform. You just have to drag and drop to customize templates. Use this email powerhouse for your business and see interesting results. It offers a robust automation workflow that you can use to send welcome emails, recover lost revenue, and re-engage customers. Its smart segmentation will make it easy for you to target customers and send relevant messages at the right time.


#3: HubSpot

HubSpot is both an email marketing and CRM tool provider so you get double benefits. It has been offering its services to more than 70,000 users and they are loving it. The setup takes just a while and the HubSpot CRM connects with G Suite, Gmail, and other important versions. Its email marketing tools allow you to quickly create and personalize your emails without depending on a designer. There are dozens of templates and you can edit with simple drag and drop feature. In case, you want to go with a more advanced service then personalize the emails and see a rise in clickthrough rate. With A/B testing tools and analytics, you have everything you need.


#4: Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a powerful email marketing tool.  The day you start using it, you will realize how simple it is to use email marketing services. After sending emails, just analyze the response and optimize your email strategy to target specific customer segments. Personalization is the key to reach your customer’s heart. The more connected your email is, the better the response is. The service includes a visual marketing automation tool to create a unique journey of the contacts.


#5: MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the topmost email marketing service providers in the world. Yes, popularity is amongst various countries. It comes with an email builder and autoresponders. By segmenting the contacts you can simply track the progress. If you are sending an email to someone whose timezone is different then set the email delivery at that particular time. Whether you use WordPress, Shopify, Magneto, or any other platform, MailChimp is right for you. It has over 300 integrations so you can customize it just the way your business demands.


#6: Drip

Drip is an email marketing service for digital marketers, bloggers, and eCommerce. With its seamless integration feature, you won’t face any difficulty in integrating it with a website builder. Also, the tools that they offer are many. So marketing becomes easy for you. Its intelligent marketing automation tools, visual workflow builder, and high-class email segmenting makes it the best choice. For large business owners, it is difficult to maintain connections on a personal level. That’s possible through this email marketing service while sending bulk emails to other customers.


#7: Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly email marketing software allows you to send bulk emails by connecting through SMTP. The marketing service provides access to email scheduling, workflow automation, and much more. You won’t have to manually send each and every email at a specific time. Just schedule emails and create triggers for a stress-free experience. It offers its services to small and medium-sized businesses.


#8: GetResponse

GetResponse has its reach to over 3,50,000 users. It comes equipped with some unique features that give you an ability to create landing pages and webinars. You must combine your GetResponse with your marketing strategies to grow your business. Along with an intuitive user interface, the platform offers advanced features too. You will get to use autoresponders, list segmentation, software integrations, and more. One added benefit is its perfect timing feature. You must use it to calculate the right time to send emails to increase open rates.

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Final Words

There are multiple email marketing services but finding the best actually took a lot of time. If you own a small business and you don’t want to invest much in the beginning then Constant Contact is the right choice for you. The team is really helpful so a beginner won’t face any problem. Similarly, for an online store, you can choose Drip. It offers great personalization features that make your email more interactive. For professional bloggers, we recommend using MailChimp. They allow us to manage emails super easily and the features just right for professionals.

In case, you want to ask any questions regarding these best email marketing services then feel free to contact us. We have a comment section that you can use for both asking queries and suggestions related to topics.

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