Here Are 6 Best web hosting for small businesses!

Everything is now on an online platform so all the small businesses also need a website. This helps them reach a larger audience. A website can be made online with the help of web hosting providers. So, here we are with the best web hosting providers for small businesses.

They target small businesses to increase their customer base. Small businesses do not have that much budget initially to invest in costly hosting providers. They aim to get maximum benefits in a small budget.

Let’s understand the meaning of hosting first. By hosting we mean a place where the website resides on the Internet. Checking for the best web hosting for small businesses is too important so that amount invested does not go in vain. This helps in running the business smoothly.

While considering a web hosting provider, small businesses must look out for the number of emails they are providing. All their business mostly depends upon shooting emails to their customers. If there is limited email, it can become a major drawback for their business. Another thing to consider is the SSL certificates because several transactions are happening in a business. It is good to opt for a web hosting with SSL certificates.

For a good return in online business, the best web hosting for small business is too important. Trying with the second-best might affect your business drastically.

Points to remember while selecting the web hosting provider are:


#1: Evenly priced

#2: Trustworthy and reliable

#3: Having SSL certificate

Let’s dive in to find out the best web hosting for small business:

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6 Best Web Hosting For Small Business!



#1: Bluehost


Bluehost can prove to be one of the best web hosting for small business. It has 99.98% uptime which means it takes marginally less time to bring a website live again for its audience. Storage is 50GB which is close to unlimited space.

Bandwidth is of the range of 1TB to 15TB giving a very good speed. RAM ranges between 2GB to 16GB and the price is quite good compared to other ones. The lowest plan is $7.99 and the highest one is $209.99. They are great value for money for startup businesses.

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 #2: InMotion


InMotion has 99.97% uptime. Also, it has unlimited space and bandwidth is of the range 4TB to 15TB.

RAM has a very high range which is 4GB to 15TB. Price is low if we compare the service that they are providing. It can cost you up to $589.99 on monthly basis. Their security, support, and storage space are excellent.



 #3: HostGator


One of the best web hosting for small business is HostGator. It is quite popular among small business and most of the startups use this web provider. It has an uptime of 99.99% which is close to perfection. The storage capacity is unlimited allowing more products and services to be there on their server.

Bandwidth is unmetered and starts from 1TB. RAM is also good with a maximum of 30GB. Hostgator can be a good choice at $6.95. It provides rich service and is a good one for the beginners.



#4: iPage


iPage is having an uptime of 99.94% and it also has a good storage capacity which is unlimited. More and more small businesses can hop into this and this can be a perfect choice for them.

Price is also not on the higher side as it costs around $7.99 as the starting price. It is very cheap and has a one-click installation feature for the CMS. It is popular for its budget-friendly plans.



#5: GoDaddy


This web hosting for small businesses is gaining ground because of their aggressive marketing and advertisements. They also have very good uptime and their customer service is also very good and active. Yes, they provide 24×7 services.

They do not cost much and the lowest price that they quote is $7.99 per month. Space meaning the storage is enough for small business and it ranges from 100GB to unlimited space. It has a superb uptime and it is famous also because it has all the features embedded in one platform.



#6: SiteGround


The last but one of the best web hosting for small businesses is SiteGround. It is quite common and obvious that SiteGround is famous all over because of its one of the best customer service. It is versatile and can be used by all CMS that are popular, especially Joomla and WordPress.

Backup is a serious concern for the small businesses because most of their business is dependent upon their data. They provide a very good backup on daily basis avoiding any kind of loss of data. Email service is outstanding and they provide free email service which allows sending n number of emails to their target customers.

After having a detailed discussion about the pricing and various features of each of the web hosting for small businesses, it has become easier to decide the best one for your business.

Many have advantages associated with it but at the same time, they too have the drawbacks. Looking for the drawbacks more deeply will help in deciding the best one at lower prices.



How to choose the best web hosting for small business?

There are a few questions to answer by yourself before moving ahead.

#1: How much technical knowledge you have?

#2: How much budget you hold?

#3: How much traffic are you expecting on your website?

#4: Who is your target audience?

#5: Which geographical region you want to target?

Above were a few questions to answer and if you get a reliable and satisfactory answer to all those questions by any of the service providers, this means that the provider is best for you.

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The pricing is the top concern for all the small businesses especially the startups. They run with a low budget initially. This article can provide them a path to choose the right and the best web hosting for small businesses.

Keeping your website safe and secure is possible with an SSL certificate and choose for those providers that provide you SSL certification. Go with the yearly plan, this may help you save a few bucks. The monthly plan comes with some additional fees and that might be a little costly.

Choose the best service provider for you and become a famous online entrepreneur.